Turn Cart Abandonment into Cash

If you shop online, you have probably done this: You go to a site, pick out a product, add it to your cart and then change your mind, forget, or generally move on without actually making the purchase. In fact, an estimated 65 percent of items added to consumers’ carts are never bought.

Although you cannot absolutely eliminate this from happening, there are steps you can take to limit shopping cart abandonment. One of the most vital things you can do is to make checkout easy. In a world of microwaves and instant everything, its important that a purchase is just as simple. Amazon Prime, for instance, has a click to purchase option on their app and I can spend money and have a product on its way to me faster than I can check my banking balance (which I also have an easy to use app for). The reason for this is no mystery – the easier it is to buy, the less time I have to doubt my decision or worry about my impulsive decision.

Make Checkout Fast and Simple
No one wants to navigate through endless pages of questions and forms just to make a purchase. If your customer gets frustrated enough with the hoops they are required to jump through to buy a product, they will simply click away and buy it somewhere else. That being said, it is still necessary for you as a business owner to obtain certain data. But being balanced, and minimizing their efforts is an important step. Offer customers an express checkout option. While they will still need to enter relevant information the first time they buy from you, that data can be stored and easily retrieved with a password the customer chooses for their next buying visit. Alternatively, some buyers would rather not provide in-depth information, so its important to offer the option of guest checkout. Make sure people understand the reason for the questions you ask. For instance, don’t just demand a customer’s phone number without explaining that it will be used only in the event of shipping questions.

Shopping cart abandonment comes with the territory when you have an e-commerce business. However, you can take proactive steps to keep it to a minimum. Once you do, you will vastly increase the likelihood of happy customers who will return to make more purchases in the future.

But how?? 

Partnering with a company like Central Payment of Panama City is important because your rep can help you with the best processing service offered to plug in and work with your web page. No need to redirect or process credit cards manually – most e-commerce sites tie right in with the back end servers we offer, making a purchasing experience quick and painless for them, and a stead line of income for you.  Call us today to discuss your needs! 850-596-5184

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