Jennifer grew up in the deep mountains of Northwest Georgia, spending a significant amount of her teenage years learning that blood, sweat and tears are the best way to do what we want to do in life.  When Jennifer was 18 she moved to Florida with her parents and young sister, in the hopes of her family finding more opportunities. Having spent their whole life in the same small town, it was a difficult transition for the family.

Over the next 7 years, Jennifer had worked her way from being a just another faceless teen to an accomplished business professional in the banking industry by dedicating herself to her traits of hard work, and community networking. There she learned new skills that were to further help her build relationships with not only the locals of Panama City but with their business as well. As she grew to become more involved with people and their local business she had another realization that would change the course of her life. Jennifer felt that she wanted to help businesses on a more personal level, leaving her position in corporate America she sought to find a career that would help make the connections she wanted with others and become closer to her clients.

She found that in her new profession she could fill both her desire to help businesses and provide the flexibility she needed for her family. In the dynamic and technological industry of Merchant Services, Jennifer was captivated by the opportunity and solutions that she could provide for businesses. Helping to connect the merchant to the credit card processor she had finally found the niche in the community that allowed her to reach her full potential. This newfound confidence and control in her career gave her the freedom to be able to plan her life around her family and still maintain strong relationships with her business clients. She saw the connections she was making within her community and seeked to strengthen the bonds with those that helped her realize and support her in her success.

“I can’t complain about a bad boss or things not being fair; it’s up to me to decide whether I have a successful day and how I use the time.” Jennifer credits the locals and community to helping build her into the business women she is today, but always remembers that the foundation for her success came from the drive to be the mother, wife, sister, and daughter she needed to be. She gratefully acknowledges her father as being the source of her effort to do more than just what is expected, and is the reason why she is still striving for greater opportunities. In the spare time she has between helping clients and supporting her community; she can be found down at the motocross track with her son, shopping with her daughter, or spending quality time with her husband.

“I’m proud of what I do and what is does for others. But I’m mostly proud about the positive effect it has on my life, my relationships and the example I am able to be for my children.”



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