Tips to Grow your Business

Halfway through the year is a good time to evaluate where we are. What is working? What is not working? Are you growing? Are you profiting? For many of us, a mid year review is a wake up call and we can see plainly the areas that we need the most help. Here are 5… Continue reading Tips to Grow your Business

Turn Cart Abandonment into Cash

If you shop online, you have probably done this: You go to a site, pick out a product, add it to your cart and then change your mind, forget, or generally move on without actually making the purchase. In fact, an estimated 65 percent of items added to consumers’ carts are never bought. Although you… Continue reading Turn Cart Abandonment into Cash

Reviewing Your Statement

Smart business owners are always looking for ways to economize, but some may not think of potential savings that are literally right at their fingertips: their monthly credit card processing statement. By reviewing your current merchant services package, you may discover ways to increase your profits. Just as businesses change over time, so do their… Continue reading Reviewing Your Statement

What are Chargebacks?

What are Chargebacks? In simple terms, chargebacks are disputed transactions. These are charges that customers dispute on their credit cards for different transactions. When a dispute is made, the merchant reverses the transaction and the customer receives his money back. Chargebacks are meant to protect consumers from unauthorized transactions. Instead of wasting time arguing with… Continue reading What are Chargebacks?

EMV is Still a Big Deal!!

Card fraud losses incurred by banks and merchants worldwide reached $16.31 billion in 2014 when global card volume totaled $28.844 trillion.  The United States accounted for 48 percent of gross card fraud losses globally, but generated only 21 percent of the total volume.  What's the deal? According to The Nilson Report, multiple factors contributed to… Continue reading EMV is Still a Big Deal!!

Preventing Chargebacks

All businesses that accept payment cards are vulnerable to chargebacks, or a customer-initiated reversal of an electronic payment. Customers can call their credit card company and contest their payment to you on their credit card and the money they paid you for services or products is given back to them (and taken back from you).… Continue reading Preventing Chargebacks