Good Morning! I wanted to share with you my experience with my Merchant Services contact. She has saved me a TON of $$$ in merchant fees. Her name is Jennifer Burke. She is local and her company’s name is Central Payment. I referred her to a friend with a corporate franchise yesterday and she will be saving him over $5k a year in fees!! She is awesome!

Stephanie Anliker

Great customer service from Jennifer and Sean! Prompt response time and very knowledgable! They fix things over the phone that other people don’t even know about!

Leah Matthews

Jennifer and Sean have been great getting me set up with my business and walking me through everything to make sure I had what I needed. If you need their service, don’t hesitate and call them for your credit card swapping solutions. I give them thumbs up and would recommend them to anyone needing their service!

Denise Powell

The business of taking cards to get your business paid is complicated and it comes with a myriad of responsibilities and risks. Understanding those intricacies is much easier when you have Jennifer Burke on your side. I’ve rarely seen a business that didn’t save money by meeting with Jennifer.

John D. Shook

Jennifer Burke set up everything in the system for my business to start taking debit and credit cards but I still needed the actual device to process the cards. I was completely slammed with work and couldn’t seem to make time to meet with her… so Sean Burke drove out to the job I was working on delivered the device and set it up for me. Good luck getting that somewhere else

Perry Commando

I can’t say enough for all your help, not once but twice! We had a fire in January and they came and took our equipment to see if it could be salvaged. Sadly it couldn’t be so when we got ready to start again they came to our rescue and got us up and going again PTL!!! We can’t thank you enough for all you have done for us….keep up the great service and you’ll be truly blessed!!!

Katie Krauser Marco